But how many were converted?

The lead article on Baptist Press today is about an SBC church in Anderson, SC (about an hour from me).  Here is a quote: 

“In January 2000, 115 people gathered for NewSpring’s first Sunday morning service on the campus of Anderson College, the website says. Six years later, they finished construction of a 2,500-seat auditorium and saw more than 900 people accept Christ and nearly 800 follow in baptism last year alone.”

What happened to the hundred people who “accepted Christ” but did not follow in baptism??


One response to “But how many were converted?

  1. Branton,

    Do you not know? They fell through the cracks . . . there are one hundred people out there who are saved; yet, they don’t know it, feel like it, nothing, zilch! We must do better with our follow-ups . . . we know that they are saved, though they looked at Perry (in the everyone’s eyes closed/no one looking but me hat-trick)they raised their hands high when he told them to raise their hand, open their eyes, and look at him if they want to go to heaven . . . then they nailed-down their salvation when they walked the isle and said the sinner’s prayer.


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